Fostering Regional Cooperation & Development

Balkans Youth Council starts to operate in FYROM

On 17 February 2018, at the premises of Bushi Resort & Spa, the Balkans Youth Council hosted an open lecture and discussion with youth activists, students and young professionals from Macedonia and Kosovo.

The lectures’ topics were unveiled by Eni Serbo, Chairwoman of the Balkans Youth Council, explaining how to build a successful enterprise, followed by Mr. Dejan Aleksov explaining the current situation of Startups in Republic of Macedonia. The third lecture was covered by Mr. Milosh Andonovski, by sharing his inspiring story in theater industry.

Also there was discussed possible collaborations between youth of Macedonia and Balkans Youth Council, by involving them more in Non-Governmental organizations, training them as lecturers for the “Today’s” International Platform and lastly starting to put more efforts in education, innovation, environment & energy sector.

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