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G20 Youth Summit Albania 2018 – IMF seeks negotiations with India, South Korea and Russian Federation for Waste Management Issue

After the first meeting between Russian Federation President and South African Prime Minister, the G20 Youth Summit Albania held the next meeting between International Monetary Fund, India, South Korea and Russian Federation.

All the leaders were discussing the advantages and disadvantages caused by the industry of waste management. So , waste management was a major problem for India and the Indian Prime Minister was looking for regional and strategic collaboration for resolving this issue.

All state leaders tried to find possible solutions regarding this issue and asked more support from IMF , concerning the budget for waste management. This meeting was held because the state leaders were worried because  waste management was threatening 21 st century economy and respective countries as well.

The possible solution was to reduce budget in military and nuclear weapons, and to invest more on the issue that leaders were discussing. This proposal was partly liked by Russian Federation, but according to Poeple’s Republic of China this alternative was unacceptable.

What was the next meeting ? Stay Tuned!

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