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Former Minister of Justice in Albania With Students of Law Faculty – Manjani Criticizes The International Actors For The Current Situation Of Justice Reform in Albania

On 07 June 2018, at the premises of European University of Tirana, Balkans Youth Council hosted the next open lecture of “Today’s Platform”, which was “Today’s Justice: The Challenges of Legal Empowerment and Justice Reform in Albania“, with invited speakers as Mr. Ylli Manjani, Former Minister of Justice in Republic of Albania and Mrs. Ersida Teliti, Professor from Faculty of Law, University of Tirana.

Mr. Manjani shared with the participants the current situation of Legal System and Justice Reform, and stated huge critics to International Actors for causing a huge mess in this reform. Also he stated that, the background of many prosecutors and judges, and their lack of professionalism and education, was another factor causing the degradation of Justice Reform in Albania.

The second lecture, continued by Mrs. Teliti was about Consuming Protection and the rule of law concerning this topic, which stated many examples where the rule of law was manipulated.

Lastly, the participants, after attending the lectures, stated the need to set up a working group, in order to start a project consisting of mobilizing and training the students of law in different districts, and this means a hope for a new page in Justice System in Republic of Albania.

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