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RCC Secretary General, Mrs. Bregu : Albania Has To Do A Lot, To Be A Member of European Union

On 23 June 2018, at the premises of Xheko Imperial Hotel, the Balkans Youth Council hosted the next session of “Today’s Platform”, –   “Today’s Diplomat IV : A Real Diplomat or Diplomacy” – lectured by Mrs. Majlinda Bregu as Secretary General at Regional Cooperation Council , followed by the lectures of Ms. Eriola Hoxha, Lecturer from Balkans Youth Council, a short lecture from Aleksander Cipa, The Chairman of Journalists Union in Albania and lastly by Prof. Dr. Afrim Hoti, Professor at the Department of Political Sciences , University of Pristina in Kosovo.

The main topic of the platform, was diplomacy from different perspectives and starting with Mrs. Bregu, which her lecture consisted on identifying the current problems facing Albania , in order to be a member of European Union.

Albania has worked hard to be part of European Union, but still we need to do a lot, in order to be a member of European Union. If I have to say when, my eyes see only around 2025” – concluded Mrs. Bregu

The Rest of Lectures were covered by Ms. Hoxha , Mr. Cipa and Prof. Dr. Afrim Hoti, where especially Mr. Hoti gave a brief analysis of the past , present and future of diplomacy.

This platform was the eighth one organized by Balkans Youth Council, respectively in Tirana, Pristina and Skopje.

Lastly, Balkans Youth Council expresses the deepest thanks for all applicants and participants, who were part of this platform.



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