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Balkans Youth Council Starts The Discussions With Embassy Of Egypt To Albania For The Organization Of Balkans Model Arab League

Today, at the premises of Embassy of Egypt to Albania, our Chairwoman of the Board, Ms. Irida Haxhi held a meeting with Ambassador of Egypt to Albania, His Excellency Mohamed Khalil.

The Meeting consisted on the recent project implemented by Balkans Youth Council, as Balkans Model Arab League, which will take place this October in Republic of Albania. The Ambassador was very excited for this project and He expressed his gratitude to support this format, as a diplomatic bridge for the youth of both countries. Balkans Model Arab League will bring around 60-80 participants to Albania, from different countries and backgrounds, in order to debate, work in team, discuss and learn more about Arab Politics, Diplomacy, Economy, Energy , Environment  etc. The Embassy was more than ready for other ways of cooperation in youth sector between both countries.

In upcoming days, Balkans Youth Council will hold meetings with other Embassies as Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc, for the sake of our common project as Balkans Model Arab league.

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