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Balkans Youth Council Meets With Goethe-Zentrum In Tirana: Exchange Programs Between EU- German – Balkans Youth, Is One Of The Key Factors Toward Sustainable Development In The Region

Today, on 23 November 2018, Balkans Youth Council was hosted by Goethe-Zentrum In Tirana , represented by it’s Project Coordinator Mr. Christian Doelker, where we discussed the points in order to organize for the first time, the National German Language Competition in Albania. 

This initiative had a warm welcome from Mr. Doelker, and we promised to each other that we will work with every school & educational institution which teaches German in Albania, in order to have a great performance by all competitors. This initiative comes from one of our main objectives, which is promoting foreign cultures in Albania and vice versa.

Besides this topic, we had the possibility to discuss about other possible projects and activities in the future based on exchange programs or any other similar activities between German – EU and Balkans Youth, which is a key factor toward sustainable development in the region.

Lastly, we will inform all of you very soon about the competition format and to  provide for all competitors the necessary tools, in order to have a successful performance.

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