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Fatima Pobrklić Is Elected As The Secretary General Of G20 Youth Summit Albania 2019

As the Balkans Youth Council is in the recruitment process for the official secretariat, Fatima  Pobrklić is elected as the Secretary General at Second Edition of G20 Youth Summit Albania, which is going to be held from 1st to 4th May 2019, in Ulqin / Montenegro. 

So the topics and the committees for second edition are under auspices of Mrs. Pobrklić, a motivated and passionate young diplomat from Sarajevo which is accepting every important challenge with Balkans Youth Council.

With great project comes great responsibility. Being the Secretary General was an offer that I could not resist at all. I firmly believe that we do not have to wait for a chance, but we have to make them by ourselves. A truly unique experience is waiting for you in May 2019 in Ulqin, Montenegro. Therefore, if you are a curious, open-minded individual, eager to learn, to interchange ideas and, moreover, you aspire to be the change for the international community needs, rather than a mere observer, G20 Youth Summit Albania 2019 – Second Edition is your place to be.” stated Fatima for Balkans Youth Council Secretariat.

As a reminder, we want to inform that the applications for G20 Youth Summit Albania 2019, will be OPEN by middle of January 2019.

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