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Breaking News – Kristina Todorovska Starts Her Mandate As The Chairwoman Of The Balkans Youth Council In Macedonia

As the Balkans Youth Council is establishing its branches in all Balkan Countries, we are happy to inform that Balkans Youth Council will start to operate officially in  Macedonia, starting from February 2019. After elections period, Balkans Youth Council Secretariat had a meeting with the team in Skopje and discussed the last issues regarding the establishment of our public diplomacy there.

Kristina’s Main Team will be composed by : Borjana Atanovska, Marijana Bogdanoska, Angela Nikolovska and Emma Jakimova. 

Through Education, Innovation, Environment , Renewable Energy and other field of activities, Balkans Youth Council will implement and organize different projects and activities related to the mission of Balkans Youth Council itself.

Our Initial Strategy will start with Info Sessions in whole Macedonia, by knocking to all cities in order to demonstrate to the Macedonian Youth our vision and  what we can offer for them.

Lastly to follow our meetings, activities, projects etc, you can follow us via:

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