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“Ora E Mendimit” Foundation Started To Invest At Young Journalists In Albania

Between 9 and 10 February 2019, the Balkans Youth Council in cooperation with the “Ora e Mendimit” Foundation organized a 2-day training in the field of media and journalism, with trainers and journalistic lecturers of Ora News Television.

During these 2 days, participants had the opportunity to listen to various journalistic journey experiences and also learned details of how media and journalism functions today.

In addition to training, workshops, and open lectures, the “Ora e Mendimit” Foundation discussed with participants (students and young professionals) how to pursue an internship and  to have a job opportunity at Ora News Television.

Through this collaboration we are seeking to invest in young journalists & media young actors, in order to prepare them professionally in Albanian & Regional Media & Journalism Market.

Lastly, the “Ora e Mendimit” Foundation will start to organize meetings with the training participants, in order to discuss how they can be involved in media & journalism projects through the foundation.

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