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Göethe Institute In Tirana Hosted The Awards Ceremony Of Deutsch Wettbewerb

On 2 March 2019, the Balkans Youth Council in collaboration with Göethe Institute In Tirana and German Embassy in Tirana organized for the first time The Competition On German, Language, History, Geography and Politics. Around 40 students and young professionals joined the competition at the Faculty Of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana, where they tested their knowledge about German Culture.

For this competition Balkans Youth Council provided 3 awards for the three best participants during the competition. The awards were as follows :

First Place – 200 Euros 

Second Place – 150 Euros

Third Place – 50 Euros

Also the Göethe Institute In Tirana provided souvenirs related to German Culture for the winners as well. After checking the tests with the expertise of Göethe Institute In Tirana, the winners of the competition were :

1- Aleksander Janollari – 142 Points from 179 in Total

2- Anxhelina Bardhi – 137 Points From 179 in Total

3- Pegi Shehu – 129 Points From 179 in Total

This collaboration was in the framework of Balkans Youth Council Objectives which is : “Investment In Youth Sector  Through The Promotion Of Foreign Cultures In Albania and Vice Versa”

Always Balkans Youth Council will be a motor in promoting foreign cultures in Albania and Balkans, a strategy which activates the youth potential and skills, in order to foster regional cooperation & development.” – stated Balkans Youth Council during the awards ceremony, in 18 March 2019 , at the premises of Göethe Institute In Tirana

At the ceremony were present the representatives from Balkans Youth Council, the representatives from Göethe Institute In Tirana and Cultural Attache from German Embassy in Tirana. In a kind atmosphere we distributed the awards for the three winners of the competition.

Lastly, we want to thank the Göethe Institute In Tirana, German Embassy In Tirana and all participants for their efforts in this competition.


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