Fostering Regional Cooperation & Development

Chairwoman’s Welcome

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Partners,

First of all, I would like to thank you for supporting and trusting to Balkans Youth Council during these months. Your participation  has inspired and encouraged us to undertake initiatives concerning  to our mission and our common goals.

I am Irida Haxhi, and it is my utmost pleasure to be in the charge of  Balkans Youth Council during upcoming mandate. As you have noticed, our mission is to foster regional cooperation and development through education, innovation, environment and renewable energy,  and for the sake of this mission, I want, for all of us to dare together with passion and patience, in order  to open a new chapter for our region. Together with the new governing board, our efforts will be  focused on raising the capacities for youth opportunities in Western Balkans through education, innovation, environment, renewable energy and soon with two new activity fields, as Natural Sciences and Human Rights.

During my involvement  with Balkans Youth Council, I have realized that Albania and other countries in the region have the potential to offer opportunities to each other by providing the necessary  environment for their professional growth. This has happened specifically with our public diplomacy, where through one of our platforms we have offered to young professionals the opportunity to grow themselves , professionally in public speaking.


During the first term, we worked to create a network that connects  the youth of our region with the youth of  the other side of the globe, and our efforts are further enhanced with the platforms and mechanisms that prepares young people for their career and professional growth. Every idea needs a boost, and I want for all of us, to be the main boost in the region,  in order inspire our generation. If the strategy of previous mandate  was “Identification”, the strategy during my mandate is named “Alternative”.  Together, with the contribution and the vision of each of us, we can be  the main factor , in improving the quality of education,  multiplying ideas in innovation, human awareness toward environment and taking precautions  toward  energy consumption, through Renewable Energy Strategy.

Every objective has its own time, but it is the power of the energy of passion and will, which has in its hands  the fate of achieving the objective.Today we can be all students, skeptical of our future, as a result of systems that have never functioned in our region, but if we sit down, discuss and understand each other, then I’m sure that we can prevail over any challenge that damages our future.

I want to close this message with the special thanks for those who invested their efforts and sacrifices in this mission and I would like to invite each of you to feel just like home, as a united  youth family.

Sincerely yours,

Irida Haxhi

Chairwoman of the Board at Balkans Youth Council