Fostering Regional Cooperation & Development


What is Balkans Youth Council ?

Balkans Youth Council ( BYC) , which foster regional cooperation & development in Balkans Region and more, through education, innovation, environment and energy.

What is our vision?

  • Increase Education
  • Multiply Disruptive Innovation
  • Equalizing environmental awareness
  • Decreasing Energy Consumption

What is our mission?

Fostering regional cooperation & development through education, innovation, environment & energy.

Where is the Balkans Youth Council based?

The Balkans Youth Council headquarters are based in Tirana / Republic of Albania

Do we operate in other countries, except Albania?

Yes, we operate mainly in Western Balkans Countries as Kosovo, FYROM, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and Turkey.

What are the active fields of the Balkans Youth Council?

  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Environment
  • Energy

Who can be part of Balkans Youth Council?

Balkans Youth Council is opened for every young professional aged 16-30, who wants to give his/her contribute in increasing and exploring new possibilities in the fields of education, innovation, environment, energy and their subcategories.

How can I become part of Balkans Youth Council?

You can become part of Balkans Youth Council by sending your CV and a motivation letter to

What we offer?

Balkans Youth Council offers internships, scholarships, exchange programs and career consulting for young professionals interested in the field of education, innovation, environment, energy and their subcategories. Also we implement projects and organize training, workshops, seminars, open lectures, conferences, exhibitions, congresses related to the mentioned fields.

How can I apply for a project or an event from Balkans Youth Council?

In order to be part of our events or projects visit us via: .

Is there any fee to be member of our organization ?

No, we don’t charge any fee to be part of Balkans Youth Council.

How to contact us ?

You can contact us via or via our social media channels