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Balkans Youth Council is constantly in search of new candidates to give them the opportunity to represents their ideas, potential and to implement their projects. Every application will be evaluated and highly qualified candidates will be invited to interview.

The aim of human resources is to maximize the productivity of Balkans Youth Council by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees and volunteers. This means that there will also be career development, compliance, management and other benefits.

Through managing the implementation and integration of all tools necessary for employees’ success, our focus is giving new employees extensive orientation training to help them transition into a new organizational culture. There will be professional development opportunities for employees who look for promotional opportunities or employees who want to achieve personal goals such as finishing a college degree.

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The aim of offering scholarships is contributing to young development and future aspirations. Scholarships are provided for those students who have actively contributed in our activities and projects.

Scholarships support those young people who represent projects which can successfully be implemented in education, innovation, energy and environment throughout Albania and Balkans Region. Also, students who aim to earn a further specialization in a particular field will be highly supported by Balkans Youth Council.

Applications are permitted to be made in multiple scholarship categories by an individual, but successful applicants will be eligible for only one scholarship category(Creative Contest Scholarship, Career-Specific and Need-Based); so, the applicant may not be the recipient of more than one scholarship in the same scholarship round. Also, successful applicants can re-apply for scholarship, but not in the same category where they have already succeeded.

Therefore, everyone applying for scholarships in Balkans Youth Council should also clearly explain what he/she seeks.

Scholarships duration will last from 12 weeks – 1 year depending on the category of the scholarship.


Internships are one of the main absences on students’ road towards their future career. Experience is a required criterion to get employed, but almost anyone accepts an employee without any experience. So, the best option of gaining experience on a particular field is internship.

An internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees to work in a business in the field of education, innovation, environment and energy, for a fixed and limited period of time. Internships are offered for both undergraduate and graduate students (mostly of them are for undergraduate students), for a fixed and limited period of time.

Balkans Youth Council will make possible the connection between the student and an employer. Everyone interested will have the opportunity to apply and then, each applicant will be ranked based on the work place requirements.  If the applicant for his/her reasons will not accept that internship, it will be offered to the next candidate.

Depending on the place of work and the business, an internship will last from 4 weeks to 1 year.  Internships may be full-time or part-time. This depends on the business requirements and the period during the internship will be taken. If internship is during university it will most likely be a part-time internship, while during holidays (summer or winter holiday) the internship will be full-time.

Note: Those who are active participants in the activities and projects of the Balkans Youth Council are advantaged.



Balkans Youth Council will constantly publish vacancies in the Balkans Youth Council for both staff and volunteers. All Job Vacancies will be listed on this section for the time of their duration.

Each announcement provides a short description of the position, required qualifications, closing date and other information based on the positions’ requirements. When the application period is over, all documents are reviewed considering the requirements announced. Highly qualified candidates will be notified by email to interview and then a selection process is undertaken to choose the best candidates for the position.

Candidates who are not notified by email for a status of their application in 2-4 weeks means that their application has not meet the requirements and therefore, has not been approved.