Fostering Regional Cooperation & Development



Having a quality education is the key to improving lives. The Balkans Youth Council is developing an international strategy concerning the improvement of education in the Balkans Peninsula which is mainly focused on employability strategies.

Our vision for these strategies is to support the key people or instruments which are experts on promoting the principles of quality education. Our contribution for education brings social, political, cultural and economic development for our region.

Therefore, the Balkans Youth Council works on encouraging and cooperating with all relevant and regional institutions to provide student internships during their studies and employing graduates as well. This chain strategy will enable the students to be well prepared and offer them better opportunities to find employment as well as take part in social development.

Last but not least, our education department will offer students and young professionals open lecture series, seminars, training, conferences, youth summits, articles, analysis, research, monitoring, evaluation , long term, short term projects and much more in order to keep them informed and to be well prepared for their career development.