Fostering Regional Cooperation & Development


Energy Picture

As far as we know, energy is essential for sustainable economic growth and human welfare. The Balkans Youth Council will focus its efforts on renewable energy toward building a sustainable future in the Balkans region. Over the past two decades, countries in the Western Balkan Region have made significant policy and legislative progress in their renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. Driven by prospects of integration into the European Union, together with pressures from membership in the Energy Community to set national renewable energy targets, countries in the region are on the road to rebuilding their entire energy systems – according to Revelle Group.

Concerning Renewable Energy Potential in the region, the Balkans Youth Council seeks to work closely with Bosnia and Serbia for the energy subsidies issue which consists of a high percentage of their GDP.

In the hydro power sector, we work closely with Albania & Montenegro where the hydro power is the main source of electricity in both countries. The Balkans Youth Council seeks to advocate and protect the legislation of the hydro power sector in both countries by calling the attention of relevant authorities and enlightening the conscience of civil society. The potential for hydro power energy sources is at a very high rate but the legislation is still very poor, which creates many challenges in the region.

Regarding wind energy, we seek to collaborate with Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia, while their projects are at initial stages. We aim to assist them on project development, consulting, monitoring and advocacy. Therefore, the Balkans Youth Council seeks to serve as the key connection of Balkans international actors in the renewable energy sector, and we seek to assist in fixing institutional, regulatory, financial constraints, fragmented markets, limited funding and small size projects. Lastly, our organization partly covers the energy sector in Kosovo and FYROM as well.