Fostering Regional Cooperation & Development


Environment Picture

As far as we know, the Western Balkans Countries are in a turning point concerning the environment sector. Balkans Youth Council seeks to put its efforts in environmental sector  to Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, FYROM, Serbia and Kosovo. Based on the first concept of our council, our focus is on equalizing environmental awareness of community but our strategy has an extensive action toward environment.

The major problems threatening the region, as pollution, health, coastal & urban sprawl, land abandonment in rural areas, solid waste and the management of other waste streams make us to increase  our efforts on implementing policies toward sustainable solutions.

Our strategy of work for environment in Balkans region  consist on :

  • Pollution and Health
  • Protection of biodiversity
  • Limitation of greenhouse gas emissions in the Western Balkans
  • Revitalization of Agricultural Lands
  • Consumption & Production Patterns


Also Balkans Youth Council is organizing different activities, in order to identify, monitor, evaluate and research in this activity field, so we can move easier to concrete solutions concerning the environmental problems in Balkans Region. As an initial step, our organization is organizing 6 round tables in Western Balkans with the central theme: “Sustainable Energy & Environment in Western Balkans” in order to identify the potential actors and organizations which can work together for a better environmental future.