Fostering Regional Cooperation & Development

Natural Sciences

Small plants in test tubes

Due to the requests from our members, Balkans Youth Council, starting from September 2018, will start to operate in Natural Sciences Field. Natural Sciences covers subject of Physics, Math, Biology , Chemistry and subjects related to those fields

Balkans Youth Council is working to establish a science club, where it’s members will have the opportunity to explore opportunities in this field. Our work will consist on supporting the members to realize different projects . Like in the innovation field , we will be a bridge of connection between both parties for a sustainable development plan in Western Balkans.

Also, our public diplomacy will host and organize exhibitions and Olympiads in Natural Sciences Field, in order to motivate the interested young people from the region. In collaboration with our partners, its promising to create a network where the interested ones will have the opportunity of exchange programs and field trips in Science Projects.

Our Field Targets are as follows:

  • To create capacity and a role model science club, where students and young professionals will have the opportunity to realize different lectures.
  • To practice how to give lectures in subjects related to the field.
  • Encourage Regional and International Collaboration.
  • To provide scholarships through our partners.
  • To unveil the lack of capacity in Science, in Western Balkans