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+ Education Picture

Balkans Youth Council announces the newest project: “+ Education: The Arts of Teaching” which consists of a chain of trainings by the experts and professionals of educational institutions, where they will train teachers on how to behave and operate with students in certain situations.

Based on our vision for education, the Balkan Youth Council is developing an international strategy on improving education in the Balkan Peninsula. Our vision for these strategies is to support the key people or tools that are experts in promoting the principles of quality education. Our contribution to education brings social, political, cultural and economic development to our region.

Our Strategy of working is composed of building trust and relationship. The Teachers need to know and trust to students in order to gain a coaching impact. Even there is a fail, through this training we are convincing the audience that there is still a chance to undermine our best efforts.

We want from teachers to give the best model practices , as effective coaching often involves the modeling of best practices. Moreover one important point of strategy is connecting Teachers with Resources, in order to explore opportunities for their students.The series of trainings will take place in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYROM, Montenegro and Kosovo.