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“Today’s”  is an international platform launched by the Balkan Youth Council, that will take place in more than 30 different countries until 2030 , based on the format of open lectures, with various lecturers such as businessmen, politicians, diplomats, entrepreneurs, journalists etc. Our aim is to inspire participants and to give to them their life projects  in various fields, such as business, diplomacy, entrepreneurship, journalism, energy, environment and many other fields divided into different categories.

The topics for this platform are covered by diplomacy, entrepreneurship, business, journalism, education, economy, finance, law etc. “Today’s” Platform encourages and train the young professionals in public speaking. Through different platforms we give to them the opportunity to hold a lecture in front of hundreds of participants in a certain field.

From 2017 – 2018 , we have organized around 10 platforms, in the field of diplomacy, journalism, economy and entrepreneurship in three countries such as Albania, FYROM , Kosovo and Montenegro. In those platforms, we had thousands of applications , over 500 participants and tens of lectures from Balkans Region who inspired those participants.

From 2018 – 2019, we seek to extend this platform in more countries in Balkans region and more, where we will extend the category of topics as well. If you want to be one of lecturers in this platform you can apply via :

For any question, request you can contact us via or